Streams of Living Water

Streams of Living Water:

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongues and the Spiritual Gifts from a Pentecostal Perspective

(Group 7 Publishers, Pretoria, 66 pages, Price R50.00)

The question arises: Is the work of the Holy Spirit still as prevalent today as it was in Biblical times? The good news is that, just as God is the unmovable Rock of the Ages, and Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever and unto all eternity, likewise the Holy Spirit is just as present and powerfully working in the lives of believers today! The author outlines in a user friendly way, the everyday practicalities of the new Testament promises of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the phenomenon of Speaking in Tongues, as well as the functioning of the Spiritual Gifts as declared in 1 Corinthians 12.